As all the thrilling summer tours wind down, none was more worth the price of admission than the inaugural 10 for $10 Tour, which featured 10 established and up-and-coming hardcore bands for a ticket price that was as cheap as a fast food meal! While hardcore heroes Terror are finishing their stint on the tour, that doesn't mean there will be any lull in the band's schedule.

Vocalist Scott Vogel checked in with Noisecreep, letting us know the band "is on a total high right now" and plans to write a new album in the bitter winter months of January and February, and hopefully unleash it on their fans by April or so. "We have [guitarist] Jordan [Posner] from No Warning in the band, so s--- should be insane. And we have a producer we have been talking to that people would not expect, but we think it will be super f---ing cool," Vogel said. He wouldn't reveal exactly who the band has in mind for the gig, perhaps so he wouldn't jinx the issue! Only time will tell.

Vogel said he is now a Bane fan thanks to his time on the 10 for $10 Tour, after watching their livewire sets. He added that "Madball, of course, showed the U.S. why they are the best band around. The spirit and the energy this tour carried felt great. I am proud to be a part of this fest and hope that the organizers can keep it going next year." Terror will cap off the year by doing a series of shows around the world. It must feel good to be in a hardcore band, playing to rabid crowds globally and collecting more stamps for your passport!

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