A video from the hardcore and metal festival LDB Fest (Life and Death Brigade Fest) this past weekend in Louisville, Kentucky, shows a concertgoer in a wheelchair stage diving, as Stereogum reported.

The clip, which spread across social media starting Sunday (March 19), comes from the 2023 music fest that featured heavy music favorites such as Terror, Knocked Loose, Drug Church, Kublai Khan TX, Dying Wish, Foreign Hands, No Pressure and more.

Watch the video down toward the bottom of this post.

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The stage dive happened during Kublai Khan TX's set. The clip shows their vocalist, Matt Honeycutt, lending the stage diver a hand. "hardest shit i've ever seen," said scene documenter hate5six, videographer Sunny Singh, who captured the viral video.

The fan in the wheelchair "was lifted onto the stage by the crowd, and to everyone's amazement, she performed a stage dive by propelling herself with speed off the stage and into the hands of the crowd," the scene website Lambgoat summarized.

That wasn't all the excitement that happened in Louisville. A supposed "casualty report" from LDB Fest 2023, while perhaps exaggerated, illustrates the extent of the gleeful violence that took place at the event — not unusual for a massive hardcore fest.

See more fan-captured videos from LDB Fest below.

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