California metalcore maestros Terror have entered a recording studio to start work on the follow-up to 2008's 'The Damned, the Shamed' with New Found Glory's Chad Gilbert, who will be producing the effort -- the band's fifth full-length offering.

Called 'Keepers of the Faith,' the disc is being eyed for a late 2010 release through Century Media Records. The band has launched a studio blog to document all of the studio goings-on so that fans can remain updated on all of the band's in-studio progress. No songs titles have been released yet, but the band claims it will be dropping more hints about the disc in the coming weeks.

Terror frontman Scott Vogel recently discussed the impending studio sessions and broke down the songwriting process for the new disc. "[Drummer] Nick [Jett] wrote the last two records," he said. "We also have a new guitarist, Jordan [Posner], who's writing some stuff because we really like what he's written. Then me and Nick will go through the songs and figure out what we like and what we don't like, I'll write lyrics and put words to it, and hopefully we have a some good songs. Do that about 18 times and pick the 13 best, and put out a record."

Added bassist David Wood, "This album will be different for Terror. It's faster, maybe thrashier and a bit more melodic. I think it's going to be on a good street level, good hardcore reality. I'm really excited about it!"

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