Just two miles from the park in Lancashire, England, where 20-year-old Sophie Lancaster was beaten to death in 2007, evidently for looking like a goth, another young metal fan has been the victim of a savage attack, the Manchester Evening News reports.

While Ben Moores escaped serious injury, the 16-year-old was beaten by a group of teenagers behind a supermarket. Moores' assailants numbered as many as 15 and shouted "mosher" and "freak" as they stamped on the young man's wrists and pulled clumps of hair from his head.

"They were only doing it because of the way I look and because I've got long hair and like heavy metal music," Moores said. "It's all because I dress a bit different and have different interests."

Seven teens have been arrested in connection with the crime, which shares much in common with the deadly Lancaster assault some five years ago.

In that case, then-teens Brendan Harris and Ryan Herbert were convicted of murder and given 18 and 16 year sentences, respectively. Lancaster's boyfriend was also severely injured in the beating, and three additional youth received jail time for their role in the violence.

"The fact that young people gang together like that and think of it as fun is just wrong," said Sophie's mother, Sylvia, commenting on this latest incident. "It is very sad that there have been no lessons learned."