Tantric will drop their fifth studio album '37 Channels' on Sept. 17. It's their first since 2009's 'Mind Control.' The band has inked a fresh label deal with Pavement Entertainment and just shared their new single, 'Mosquita.'

The Louisville act, previously signed to Maverick, is coming out of the gates with all guns blazing. The single is called 'Mosquita,' which you can listen to below. It's bluesy grunge, dosed with country elements, complete with gravelly vocals and a hook that'll embed itself in your brain for days.

The song's most driving force is singer Hugo Ferreira's soulful baritone. He wields that thing like a weapon. He's also the sole remaining original member, as well. In addition to Ferreira, the song boasts an assist from rebel country star Shooter Jennings.

The track also features guitarists Kenny Olson (Kid Rock) and Kevin McCreery (Uncle Kracker), drummer Greg Upchurch (Puddle of Mudd, 3 Doors Down) and pedal steel guitarist Gary Morse.

Perhaps the most interesting of all guests on Tantric's new album is Leif Garrett, who contributes guest vocals to 'My Turn.' Garrett was a huge pop star in the '70s and famously battled addiction issues.

"It's an absolute honor to have such an iconic artist such as Leif Garrett on my record," Ferreira stated. "I know that his voice is cooler now than ever in my opinion. Not much more to say. I'm just honored to have him on it."

Ferreira also offered some clarification on the title, saying, "What goes on in my brain constantly; 37 things or channels if you will, all at once vying for my attention." Well, 'Mosquita' will definitely vie for and grab your attention. The single is currently available for purchase.

Listen to Tantric's 'Mosquita'

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