Free Extreme Metal Comp to be Handed Out at Maryland Deathfest
Maryland Deathfest performers Watain and Pentagram have contributed songs to a free digital extreme metal compilation that will be distributed at the event by Metalhit.com. Other artists on the collection are Revocation, the Crinn, Wormrot, Graves of Valor, Hail of Bullets, Nominon, Cardiac Arrest, Sectioned, Diabolic, Colonize the Rotting, Aldaaron, Sacrilegious Impalement, Vulvectomy and Othrus.
Trident’s Alex Impaler Collects Iron Maiden Memorabilia
Trident’s Alex Impaler Collects Iron Maiden Memorabilia
Trident bassist Alex Impaler is as big a metalhead as you or I, and not just because he plays in Swedish metal bands. In addition to practicing kickboxing when he's not playing music, he collects Iron Maiden memorabilia. "I have around 360 albums, 100 T-shirts and I don't know how many 'things': pins, posters, patches, Eddie figures," Impaler told Noisecreep...
Watain, ‘Lawless Darkness’ — New Album
On June 7, the big guy downstairs will be all smiles as Swedish black metallers Watain will unleash upon this mortal coil 'Lawless Darkness,' the Satanic band's fourth full-length studio offering. The disc will contain 10 tracks, including 'Death's Cold Dark,' 'Reaping Death,' 'Wolves Curse,' 'Total Funeral' and 'Waters of Ain...
Watain Finish Recording of New Album
Today is an evil day indeed, my friends, as Swedish black metallers Watain have announced the completion of yet another batch of iniquitous, Satanic cacophony. The band's fourth full-length was birthed in the putrid bowels of Necromorbus Studio in Stockholm, Sweden, over the course of "two intense months," says the band...
Urgehal, Manegarm, Watain, Secrets of the Moon — From the Depths
Urgehal, Manegarm, Watain, Secrets of the Moon — From the Depths
EXHUMED: A rare demo from true Norwegian black metallers Urgehal will be seeing a rerelease courtesy of Folter Records. The 'Rise of the Monument' album was originally released in 1995 on tape and then as a limited 2006 picture disc, but will now be seeing the light of day in CD format and feature a bonus 45-minute live set from the Under the Black Sun Festival in 2008...

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