Today is an evil day indeed, my friends, as Swedish black metallers Watain have announced the completion of yet another batch of iniquitous, Satanic cacophony. The band's fourth full-length was birthed in the putrid bowels of Necromorbus Studio in Stockholm, Sweden, over the course of "two intense months," says the band.

"I am now holding in my hand the final master tape of what might be the most dynamic and charged Watain release ever recorded," frontman Erik 'E' Danielsson says in a statement. "May the gods unto which it is written be pleased! We are very much looking forward to share this rich feast with our followers, whom we know have been hungering for a very long time."

The disc, which has not yet been titled, follows 2006's 'Sworn to the Dark,' which was hailed as some of the band's most vicious work. "All I can say is that it will be worth the wait," E continues. "We raise our cups unto all of you whose patience and support have been constant during the three fiery years since the release of 'Sworn to the Dark,' and look forward to set the night aflame with you again soon!"

Watain recently revealed that they'd collaborated with Sweden Rock Magazine to compile a special CD that'll arrive with the mag's 70th issue. The disc will contain a cover of Bathory's 'The Return of Darkness and Evil' and a new Watain track called 'Reaping Death.'