The Acacia Strain’s Vincent Bennett Discusses Art, the Importance of Good Merch and His Schoolteacher Mom
"I saw this painting done by an artist named Lamour Supreme called 'Death Is the Only Mortal' and I liked it, but the name of it spoke to me more, for some reason," says The Acacia Strain frontman Vincent Bennett. The singer is on the line with Noisecreep discussing Death Is the Only Mortal, the Western Massachusetts group's upcoming sixth studio album, and first for indie powerhouse, Ri
10 (More) Metal Albums to Check Out This Fall
Two weeks back, Noisecreep profiled ten top tier metal records to take us all the way to the Mayan calendar melt-down on Dec 21. But why stop at just ten? The likes of Pig Destroyer, As I Lay Dying and The Acacia Strain all have upcoming records worth your attention...
Eyes Set to Kill Sign to Century Media + More News
Female-fronted Phoenix rockers Eyes Set to Kill are the latest addition to the Century Media roster. Frontlady Alexia Rodriguez commented on the new deal, saying, "For the past two years, we have been touring around the world and evolving into the band we are today without the support of a label...
The Acacia Strain Love Touring Their Native America
Those lovable cartoon/puppet buffoons in the 'Team America' movie were onto something! The Acacia Strain are certainly echoing those sentiments as they reflect on their current domestic tour. "You can't beat America," Acacia Strain vocalist Vincent Bennett told Noisecreep, and not just because he's being all patriotic and super proud to be from this great country of ours...

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