"When we're working on music, we try to put the ego aside and let the song speak for itself. Honesty is the best policy," vocalist/guitarist Jon Foreman said about the secret to Switchfoot's success, which spans seven albums! For the new album, 'Hello Hurricane,' the band composed a whopping 80 songs and had to subsequently sift through them. The criteria for choosing what would stay and what would go was surprisingly easy. "The question became: Is this a song you would want to die singing?" Foreman said.

The band recently created its own home studio, which has its own set of positives and negatives, like anything else in life. "The pros and cons in life are usually the same things from a different view and it was very true for in this case," Foreman said. "We felt an enormous sense of freedom, where you're running the show with all the time in the world. And yet, this freedom was enough rope to hang ourselves on. With all of the options in the world, we ended up looking for any form of boundary that would contain the songs. This process was a growing experience, which ultimately shaped the record. However, 'Hello Hurricane' was a very difficult record to make."

Despite the rigors of completing the record, Switchfoot continue to remain in active in charitable endeavors, namely the site The World You Want. Foreman took a minute to expound upon the online destination, which offers inspiration and community at The World You Want, saying, "Every day you are alive, you change the world. What is the world you want? You answer that question with every action of every day. What we do when no one's watching determine the nature of our character. And yet we have an inordinate fascination with stage and screen, as though the spotlight signifies significance. The world you want is our attempt to put the spotlight on a few of our heroes: the incredible folks doing incredible things who go unnoticed."

'Hello Hurricane' is due out Nov. 10.