Man, you have to hand it to Johnny Depp. Not only did he get an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of Jack Sparrow in 'Pirates of the Caribbean,' but he helped usher in a wave of fascination with pirates in pop culture.

Swashbuckle, however, have been walking the plank since before Depp stepped into Sparrow's shoes! Commodore Red Rum offered his speculation on why interest in pirates is at an all-time high, telling Noisecreep, "Aye, pirates do seem to be sharing more of the limelight these days. I'd say it's mostly because of all the boisterous high seas hijinks and nautically nonsensical shenanigans we seem to be getting our salty selves into. We loot all day, take what we wish, be it treasure, booze, or pleasure, then we drink heartily all evening long and repeat the process! Isn't that the kind of life everyone wishes they had? Who wants to lead a boring existence behind a desk? We weren't meant to spend our time here slaving in some godforsaken cubicle or taking direction from some bloody fool."

Red Rum also said, "We desire action, adventure, entertainment and, dare I say, a bit of whimsy? It's the idea of pirates, the mindset, or philosophy if you will, which is so enthralling. This is something people seem to be drawn to. We capture all that is in the world that is simple, pure and fun, with freedom to do as we please with little or no consequence. That's how we roll and how the rest of our pirate brethren rolls."

Swashbuckle's Nuclear Blast debut 'Back to the Noose' will be out via Nuclear Blast on August 11. "Our good friend and buccaneer in training, Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal, from Guns 'N Roses, guest-solos on several tracks. This scum dog crafted a bit of the sound production for us lads, as well. So support music piracy and piracy in all it's forms! For if ya don't, we'll be comin' for ye! Raise the black flags and begin cutting throats. Yarrr!"

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