Suicide Silence will release their new album, 'The Black Crown,' some time this year. The album is currently in the mixing stage as the band's prepares to cause some havoc on the Rock Star Energy Mayhem Fest this sumer. Noisecreep recently ran into the band's sharply dressed singer, Mitch Lucker, at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards.

"'The Black Crown' is our most mature, well-produced, and well-written record as a band," Lucker said. "People should come see us play songs from it live on Mayhem this summer, or buy it when it comes out!"

Watch Suicide Silence's 'Wake Up' video

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The album will be the band's third and final release for longtime label Century Media Records. Lucker noted that the band will be free agents after the release of this album. It should be interesting to see what happens with one of metal's hottest bands in the months come.