Shout Factory and Vans Off the Wall will release No Room for Rockstars: The Vans Warped Tour Movie on DVD on May 15. The gripping documentary features interviews and footage culled from 300 hours of film shot on the 2010 Vans Warped Tour.

The Warped Tour, as you likely well know, is one of the most popular long-running summer treks in existence, thanks to the way it meshes punk, metal, indie and emo on one bill with many stages. In this exclusive clip, heavily tattooed Suicide Silence frontman Mitch Lucker talks about his OCD and his germaphobia, in relation to being a touring musician.

"As soon as I go on stage --you know that tightness on your chest from stress?-- I feel normal and free," the neck-inked frontman said about how all stress and tightness goes away once he steps foot on the stage and in front of fans. He continued, "It's not people phobia but about germs and stuff. You're touching other people and coming in contact with people. It stresses me out, especially when I don't have hand sanitizer on me."

Check out an exclusive sneak peek of No Room for Rockstars: The Vans Warped Tour Movie featuring Lucker below!

Watch No Room for Rockstars Video Sneak Peek

No Room for Rockstars: The Vans Warped Tour Movie is available now on iTunes. Pick it up on DVD on May 15 and get more information, and see more clips from the film, at this link.

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