Suicide Silence just released 'The Black Crown' earlier this summer and it's well known that this album completes the band's contract with Century Media. With free agency on the horizon, it's not deterring the band from focusing on their tasks at hand and that's getting fans to hear 'The Black Crown.'

"It just came out and we don't know, we'll see," vocalist Mitch Lucker told Noisecreep about the band's business and label situation. "We're going to look at our options, keep things open and see what we can do. Then we can talk about it."

For 'The Black Crown,' Lucker acknowledged that the band "didn't close any doors when writing the music." He said his So Cal deathcore band kept everything open and that "vocally, there is stuff that I've never done before and it came out cool, like the spoken word stuff. It was cool to add another element to what I could do. Any new way you can get the message across is always good. It gets the emotional element across."

Lucker was not shy about admitting that there is a nu metal and a death metal influence on 'The Black Crown,' which is the case on the previous two albums, as well. He said, "It shows our actual influences. Moreso on this record than on any other."

The frontman is also known for being a super dedicated dad to his young daughter, but the wonders of modern technology make it only a little bit easier to tour. "It's the hardest thing I do -- leaving my daughter," he said. "We Skype every day. Technology makes it easier, but it's still not the same."

Watch 'You Only Live Once' from Suicide Silence

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Lucker's daughter is turning out to be a "mini me," sans the throat tattoos, of course. "She has a fake guitar that she plays and says, 'Look daddy and headbangs," he revealed. Lucker thinks his offspring will "do something cool" in the future when it comes to music, saying, "She will do something that is like me."

An all-female grind band, perhaps?