Nothing proves you've 'made it' and have an infallible legacy more than having your band image, likeness and logo immortalized on a shoe. Iron Maiden have their own Vans line, and now, so do skate/punk/thrash legends Suicidal Tendencies!

"We did have input into the shoes," singer Mike Muir told Noisecreep. "Years ago, we had another shoe company ask us about doing a shoe, but to be honest, when I was 12 and getting ready to go back to school in September, I would go out and get new pants and shoes and I always got my Levis and my Vans. Now it's like, 'Wow, our own Vans?' When they started doing band Vans, we turned down others, in hopes for our own Vans one day. I finally got my prom date, so to speak. It's like I stayed home from the prom for a few years, until Vans came along!"

So what would a 12-year-old Mike Muir say to 46-year-old Cyco Myko about having his own custom Vans? "When I was 12, I'd have said, 'Yeah, mother f---er! I don't believe you, but cool!' You sit back and you gotta love it, because you love it then and you love it now," Muir said.

The Vans are not out yet, but Muir described them to us. The Suicidal logo is on the back, and there are also high tops. There is a collage of all the artwork, which will also appear on the ST shorts, too! Muir beamed, "Oh yeah, of course," when asked if he would be wearing his own Vans. "They sent me prototypes, in size nine, and they said, 'That's the size we send because it doesn't fit most people, and we don't want you wearing them early!' So I have them in the studio, sitting there. And when people see them, they are like, 'What the f--- are those?'"

Muir said the band will continue touring -- and not in a nostalgic way. They have a new DVD, 'Live at the Olympic Auditorium,' the Vans, shorts, a live Infectious Grooves record, plus a new album with new songs due out this fall.