Noisecreep is proud to introduce you to Star One by premiering the Dutch band's brand new song, 'Earth That Was,' from the band's new album, 'Victims of the Modern Age.' The album has a recurring cast of vocalists, which means it certainly is not your average prog platter. The song is a crunchy, expansive, lushly orchestrated number that we hope you enjoy immensely.

Guitarist/bassist/keyboardist Arjen Lucassen -- also of Ayeron fame -- told Noisecreep, "I wanted the new Star One album to be heavier and more guitar-oriented than the first one. So I spent weeks trying out loads of guitar amps, microphones and speakers to dial in my ultimate dream guitar sound."

Listen to 'Earth That Was'

Lucassen continued, "After all the songs for the album were already written, I spontaneously came up with this fat seven-string riff. Before I knew it, I had yet another song! Complemented by the amazing vocals of Russell Allen, Damian Wilson, Dan Swano and Floor Jansen, it quickly became one of my favorites on the album. The lyrics are based on the great TV show 'Firefly,' a sci-fi series that unfortunately was canceled mid-season its first year. Hopefully the fate of my new Star One album will be a bit brighter -- hope you enjoy it!"

For 'Victims of the Modern Age' Lucassen reunited the ensemble of lead vocalists from the first album, most of which are in European prog outfits: Russell Allen of Symphony X; Damian Wilson of Headspace and Threshold; Floor Jansen of ReVamp and formerly of After Forever; and Dan Swanö of Nightingale, Second Sky and formerly of Edge of Sanity. Lucassen also recruited former Black Sabbath frontman Tony Martin for some additional tracks to be featured on the album's special edition second disc.

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