Adrenaline PR
Adrenaline PR

Featuring vocalist Scott Vogel (Terror), guitarists Matt Henderson (ex-Madball) and Sam Trapkin (Trapped Under Ice), bassist Chris Beattie (Hatebreed), and drummer Nick Jett (Terror), no one would blame us for calling S.O.S. a hardcore supergroup. The veteran musicians formed the project in 2010, bound by a mutual love for no frills hardcore. 'I Owe You Nothing,' the band's debut EP just hit all digital outlets and to celebrate the release, Noisecreep asked Vogel to give us a list of the five albums that changed his life.

'Forever & Counting'
Hot Water Music (1997)
"I used to hate this band, but they eventually became one of my favorites. When I was in Buried Alive, a few guys in the band used to listen to HWM a lot. I was always like ewww... Haha. Then for some reason the song '3 Summers Strong' just took a hold of me. I used to live with the Buried Alive dudes, so I would sneak in their rooms when they were out and take their HWM CDs, listen to them and then put them back before they got home. I finally came out of the closet after a while."

Signature Track: '3 Summers Strong'

'Hard to Earn'
Gang Starr (1994)
"I love hip-hop and always have. Even before I got into underground heavy s---, I was all about Run DMC and Whodini. Guru's lyrics always spoke to me and Premier's beats and cuts are the best. This is hardcore underground hip-hop -- sucker free s---. Gang Starr was the best duo to ever come up in the rap scene. Guru RIP."

Signature Track: 'Code of the Streets'

Hatebreed (1994)
"I got this from Jamey Jasta at a basement show in New Jersey around 1995. I put the cassette in on the ride home and I think I seriously listened to the three songs about five times in a row and said, 'What the f--- is this?' I had never heard anything so hard and heavy in my life. This band changed hardcore and maybe metal forever. It goes to show keeping it quick and simple is the best formula."

Signature Track: 'Not One Truth'

'Bringin' It Down'
Judge (1990)
"I guess I've always liked my hardcore with a metallic edge, but this was on another level. Everything from the cover art to its lyrics and even liner notes photos was perfection. So many great records came out of New York at this time, but I had to choose one. Out of all the classic NYHC albums, this is the one I've listened to the most."

Signature Track: 'Give It Up'

'Mommy's Little Monster'
Social Distortion (1983)
"My brother was into a lot of punk. I liked the energy and insanity of it, but I could never get with the look or anarchy thing. For some reason when I heard this record it just hit me. I loved it. One late night I was watching cable and 'Another State of Mind' came on. It was a documentary of Social Distortion on tour and in it they stay with and play with Minor Threat. Although I've never been straight edge, this definitely changed my life."

Signature Track: 'Mommy's Little Monster'

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