Having released 14 studio albums in just under three decades, Korn have a pretty massive catalog of songs. But how many of them have never been part of their concert setlist?

We plugged every single Korn song from each of their 14 albums into Setlist.fm's Tour Statistics database to see which of them have never been played during their concerts. We even checked on a couple of non-album singles to make sure we didn't miss anything, but for the sake of keeping things realistic, instrumentals and interludes weren't counted. And only actual concerts were considered — no acoustic performances or other special events.

Whenever we do these kinds of song round-ups, it's common to see that most, if not all, songs from a band's debut album have been played. Early on in an artist's career, they obviously don't have as many songs as they do later on, so they tend to play a lot of them. Thus, Korn have played all of the songs from 1994's Korn, including "Daddy," though Jonathan Davis has repeatedly said that he doesn't ever want to play it again because it forces him to relive the trauma he went through that inspired it.

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A couple of tracks from Life Is Peachy and Follow the Leader never made it onto the setlist, but all of 1999's Issues has been played before. The stats show that the band's Top 3 most-played songs ever are "Blind," "Freak on a Leash" and "Falling Away From Me."

Scroll through the gallery of album covers below to see which songs Korn have never payed live from each record. The songs are listed underneath the album art, and we included bonus tracks since a lot of artists tend to play them once they are released.

The 64 Songs Korn Have Never Played Live

Korn have never played these songs live.

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