Slipknot continue to tour the world in support of their latest album .5: The Gray Chapter, and will embark on the “Summer’s Last Stand” North American tour with Lamb of God, Bullet for My Valentine and Motionless in White beginning July 24. In a new interview with Rolling Stone, percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan talks about what fans can expect on the tour and other topics.

When asked how it felt to get back out on the road to tour a new album last year, Crahan said, "This business is pretty boring without us. You can look for something that's equivalent to Slipknot and you're going to fail miserably. It's emotional for us because we are still something that people require and still something that people love. When you reconnect with your fans, it helps you recall the first mission, and that is to conquer the f--king world with our disease and our art and leave everything behind."

Crahan says they'll be varying the set lists on the upcoming tour, with three different set lists they can pull out. "I'm really proud that we have a s--t-ton of new songs off the new record in the set, and it's mainly because people are asking for them," says Crahan. "So instead of getting into some mindset and giving the kids what they need, we turn it up a little bit."

Slipknot's stage show is also different. "We've changed our lifts from electric to hydraulic, so now they move very dangerously, very quick, more machine-like," Crahan explains. "They're very dangerous, very Slipknot. We had these electric lifts for a while and they were pretty slow. They're beautiful, fine pieces of art, but they're a different mindset. Now it's basically on crack. So the stage show, our outfits, our set change and just our attitude. We try to bring something different for every tour. So it will definitely be a new mindset."

Crahan pulls no punches when it comes to his view of Slipknot's standing in the musical pantheon. He boasts, "We're still well beyond everybody else. Because I know every other band and f--k them all, man. I'm in the greatest band in the world, period. End of story. We're the best."

Before the "Summer's Last Stand" tour, Slipknot will be playing numerous European festivals. For all their live dates, go here.

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