Not long ago, it was revealed that The Cult's Mike Dimkich was exiting the group to fill in for Bad Religion's Greg Hetson on their tour as the guitarist dealt with "personal matters." Now it appears that those personal matters have become public as Hetson and his wife Alia have filed legal documents against each other.

According to TMZ, Hetson's wife filed for a restraining order against the guitarist, claiming that he threw her on the floor during an argument. But apparently the explosive relationship goes both ways as TMZ also reports that Hetson claims it is his wife who is "unstable and violent" and has attacked him on repeated occasions.

In his legal filing, Hetson stated that he's the one who has been physically abused, claiming that Alia allegedly forcibly shoved an apple core in his mouth, pushed him out of their car and drove off, dragging him down the street and has allegedly attacked him with clothes hangars and hockey equipment. Hetson also claims that she's stolen $18,000 from their joint bank account. The 52-year-old guitarist and his 28-year-old spouse wed in 2011.

At present, Bad Religion are on tour in Europe, with dates in the U.K. left before they return to the States to play the Colorado-based Riot Fest in September. Their remaining itinerary can be seen here.