We've all had our share of triumphs and failures when it comes to Valentine's Day, and Sick Puppies drummer Mark Goodwin was kind enough to share with Noisecreep his greatest hits and misses.

"Best Valentine moment I guess would have to be my senior year of high school," Goodwin recalled. "I had quite a big crush on a popular girl in one of my classes. It was hard, but I finally got enough courage to ask her out for a date on Valentiness Day, it went great and I ended up dating her for a little while!"

But of course the day of love can't always hold success. There are going to be failures. More often than not, the ones we never forget are in our younger years. "I was about 12. I had a thing for a girl that went to a school across town, and I said I wanted to see her on Valentine's Day, and she said yes," the Australian drummer revealed, with the heartache around the corner.

"I bought a necklace -- well my mom bought it -- and I wanted to give it to her, but when the day came she couldn't hang out. I was crushed, 'cause I really wanted to give her the necklace, but I never saw her again."

Always being on the road makes having a special someone for Feb. 14 a tough one, and Goodwin admittedly has no plans. But when he does, he tends to go with the classic night out. "I try to keep things simple. If I do go out on Valentine's Day, I'll just do some flowers and take her out to a nice restaurant."

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