Each album is a new experience, and Sick Puppies are getting that point across with their lead single and new video for 'There's No Going Back.' The band just debuted the clip, which finds the trio stranded in a seemingly desert setting beginning to figure out there's something different about their surroundings.

In the clip, all three members begin to see ghostly mirages of themselves letting them know that no matter's what's happened in the past, it remains in the past and it's time to move forward. While Shim Moore, Emma Anzai and Mark Goodwin initially seem content to settle into their desert surroundings, the trio begins to poke at the ground with their umbrellas and soon take the plunge by diving into the sand-covered oasis. In the end, the three Sick Puppies members escape their stagnant stage to rock out and take their next steps toward the future.

In a recent video posting, bassist Emma Anzai stated, "We wanted to release 'There's No Going Back' first because it was like a mix between a feel good song and just like a high energy song. We have rock songs on the record [and] we have also ballady, emotional songs and that was like a good hybrid of both." Meanwhile, frontman Shim Moore added, "It's a good statement because the record is much more musical. It was consciously much more musical. It's an elevation for us as players, as writers for what we're trying to say because our audience has also evolved."

'There's No Going Back' is featured on the band's 'Connect' album, which arrives in stores July 16. The disc is currently available for pre-order on iTunes.

Watch Sick Puppies' 'There's No Going Back' Video

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