If you think bands just hop into the studio and everything magically comes together without a hint of trouble, we have a bridge we'd like to sell you. In fact, conflict and friction can be a healthy thing when it comes to putting a record together, especially when everyone is united in the goal of making the best album possible. In the Sick Puppies' latest 'Connect' webisode, coming to you exclusively from Noisecreep, you can see exactly how this dynamic plays out in the making of a record.

Frontman Shim Moore is interviewed for this latest peek behind the studio curtain and even though the band has a great relationship with producers Rock Mafia (Tim James and Antonina Armato), things can get a little testy in the name of creating rock and roll.

The producers have overseen all three of the band's major label releases and Moore speaks specifically about James and the challenging nature of their relationship. "We just get on each other and luckily for us at the end of every day we're totally fine," says Moore. "At the end of every process we have killer s---." The frontman says more than a few times they've had disagreements but part of that is character building and trying to bring out the best in the performance.

Moore concludes, "There were more bruises and bloody noses by the end of the record, but it came from the right place and the record reflects that." To see more of the producer-musician dynamic and how it plays out, watch the Sick Puppies' latest webisode below.

Sick Puppies' new album, 'Connect,' arrives July 16 via Virgin Records and can be pre-ordered at this location.

Watch Sick Puppies' Latest 'Connect' Studio Webisode

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