'Maybe,' the latest single from the 'Tri-Polar' album, is Sick Puppies' 'power ballad.' Bassist Emma Anzai indicated that the song is about the difficulties implicit in staring down change. "We are from Australia and we met our drummer in L.A. when we moved here five years ago," Anzai told Noisecreep. "It prompted the move. We were [without a label] and we had the choice to stay there or move over here, which is risky. We had to save up money and it was financially taxing, but we put our minds to it and we did everything it took to come here."

It was taxing because the band would spend three months in the US, head back to Oz for three months, then head stateside again. All that mental and physical stress resulted in one of the band's best songs, which you can listen to right here. "The song is about our decision to take the risk and make a change," Anzai said. "We were from a different country and we started the band in high school. We had to take out loans, max out [credit cards] and put it all into one basket. Change is hard."

Listen to 'Maybe'

But Sick Puppies bravely replaced the fear of the unknown with natural curiosity, and that's why the song resonates with their fan base. "Whether you are in a bad relationship or have a job you hate or you are not doing well, sometimes you have to venture out and risk failure -- or losing what you have -- to find something better," Anzai said. "I know it's easier said than done, I understand that! When you do it, it's courageous.

"When you have something to fall back on, you know you will be alright, which doesn't require as much courage. I respect people who put their minds to it and do it. It's hard to be in that mindset. I want to stay in my comfort zone, since it's so easy to do, but it's the journey to push forward."

Anzai thinks the song is getting a reaction at radio and among fans because of its universal subject matter. "Everyone knows in their mind and life what it's like to be scared to do something," she reasoned. "Whether it's your parents or your partner or yourself that is pulling you back, everyone has that one fear. This song is not about just our experience. It's about yours, too. Everyone can relate to this."

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