Sick Puppies left their native Australia behind and moved to Los Angeles to make a go of their band in the US. The transplantation certainly paid off, as they've experienced an impressive measure of success here.

Bassist Emma Anzai told Noisecreep that since the band is always on tour and is never really in one place for too long, the culture shock wasn't really a factor. And to her, it was obviously worth it. Anzai said, "The people who come to the shows and connect to the music? Those people make us feel what we did was worth it."

Anzai herself doesn't return to Oz very often, since her family isn't based there. Lead vocalist/guitarist Shim Moore, however, returns a lot. Anzai also said that her favorite thing about her new hometown is its climate's similarity to Down Under.

But there is a disadvantage to the move. She misses Milo, which is a beverage that is similar to Ovaltine. It's unavailable in the US. "It's a malted, chocolaty drink that you cannot get here that I love," Anzai said. "So I fill the void with something else."

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