Shadows Fall

Shadows Fall are road dogs. They tour more than they stay home and summer 2010 will be no different. The Massachusetts metal band will be making its first appearance on the Rock Star Energy Drink Mayhem Festival. Vocalist Brian Fair is looking forward to covering 'Bark at the Moon' in the Shads set and getting his golf on at Mayhem Fest 2010.

What bands are you looking forward to seeing? Anyone that's caught your ear lately? Anyone you've heard making waves in recent months?

Most of that bands that are playing ... I have seen a bunch, I love seeing Lamb of God and Hatebreed live. They are two of the best live bands out there. Five Finger [Death Punch] ... we've been out with the past six months, so I always love seeing them. I will be checking out bands I have not seen on the side stages. I have never seen Winds of Plague live, so I will be sure to see them!

What are you planning for your own set? Any interesting covers? Playing some old classics? Crowd favorites?

We may bust out our cover of [Ozzy Osbourne's] 'Bark at the Moon.' I get to yell 'yeah baby,' which is is always fun. That is my first time singing 'yeah baby' on a record; it's something you don't do every day in metal.

What's the best backstage/after-show activity on the tour Ozzfest always had their famous BBQs. How are you planning on spending your downtime this summer at Mayhem?

For my downtime, since it's summer time, I am going to make sure I get a ride to a driving range or a golf course. I want to go crush some balls. It is my new obsession over the past year. I spent the entire summer doing it. I wouldn't say I am good, but I am getting better. I can hang, and I can make my through at a golf course. It is a frustrating sport. I am always yelling at the that little ball. Anyone who tells you different -- like golf is relaxing -- is insane.

Shadows Fall's 'Retribution' is out now.