Time heals all wounds … except when it doesn't. And apparently time hasn't softened the blow of a long ago dig by Henry Rollins in his 1994 memoir for Venom's bassist-vocalist Cronos.

During a recent appearance on the One on One Podcast With Mitch Lafon, Cronos addressed Rollins' recollections of a show they appeared on with Venom back in the '80s by stating that Rollins was no longer a musician but rather a fool.

What led to those comments? In Rollins' book, he recalled a Venom show in 1986 that he stated was hilarious and "was like seeing Spinal Tap." Rollins added, "The guitar player was so bad it was painful. I had a great time. The bass player was hilarious. He would wiggle his tongue and roll his eyes, but he would also fix his hair every fifteen seconds or so." He added, "Venom is weak. Everything about them is weak. They can't even play. They had a bunch of roadies doing everything. Weak, weak, weak. I would love to play with f---ing heavy metal bands more often. It was fun crushing them. It's all lights and makeup. What bulls--t."

When asked by Lafon about the passage in the book, Cronos responded, "Let me tell you the truth about that concert. Henry Rollins' mom phoned us up and told us that they were the next big thing in New York and that they had such a huge following, blah blah blah blah blah. Little did we know that they were a f---ing sad little band that had no following."

He added that Rollins' band were "just like f---ing children," adding, "They couldn't play, they had no f---ing instruments. We had to lend those guys the backline. They arrived at the show with their f--ing little care package with their sandwiches in it and a bottle of orange juice."

The bassist also recalls Rollins and his friends leaving as soon as they finished playing. "I don't know what show he watched, but it certainly wasn't the Venom show," says Cronos. "And also, if you read the book, he got the date wrong of the gig. This is why Henry Rollins writes books and is no longer in a band. Because he's not a f---ing musician; he's a fool."

To hear Lafon's complete chat with Cronos, as well as his talk with The Winery Dogs' Richie Kotzen, check out his podcast below.

'One on One With Mitch Lafon' Podcast With Cronos + Richie Kotzen

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