"Are you f--king serious? You're an idiot." That’s what Sebastian Bach had to say about a fan who jumped onstage during his June 10 show in Seattle and stole the group’s setlist. You can see footage of the incident above.

As it plays out, a security guard or roadie apprehends the thief and tosses him back into the audience but during that time another concertgoer is injured. Bach, who is watching everything go down, exclaims, 'F--king call the cops on this f--king guy.' He then spoke to the fan who jumped onstage, 'Stop the show. Why? Like, why?” Bach then notices that a fan has been hurt and alerts the venue's staff to her injury. The concert is paused for about a minute and you can hear a heckler trying to get the singer to start the show back up. Bach then turns and asks the crowd, “Does anybody want to like have fun tonight?” and there the video ends.

Bach is no stranger to dealing with rowdy fans at his shows. He made our 10 Epic Concert Ejections video, which you can enjoy below. Maybe Bach will even touch on dealing with out-of-control fans in his new book. The singer recently announced that he’ll release his official autobiography early next year. The tome will be called 18 and Life on Skid Row and will hit shelves and internet retailers on Jan. 19.

The June 10 Seattle show was only the second date in his summer ’18 & Live’ North American tour. Bach plays in Winnipeg, Manitoba, tonight and will continue the trek through July 5, when he winds things down in Lancaster, Pa.

10 Epic Concert Ejections 

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