Wino (a.k.a. Scott Weinrich) boasts an impressive metal resume, having cut his fangs in The Obsessed, Saint Vitus, Spirit Caravan, The Hidden Hand, and Shrinebuilder over the past few decades. Essentially canonized by doom and stoner rock fans, Wino released deeply personal solo acoustic album in the form of 2010's 'Adrift.' Now, Wino is plugging back in with his Premonition 13 project. At the ripe age of 49, Wino shows no signs of slowing down or lightening his metal load.

"What keeps me going is when a young person, in their teens or early twenties, says, 'My dad turned me on to your music,' or 'Your music has kept me from taking my life,'" Wino recently told Noisecreep. "I heard a friend say once, 'Your music takes us to other places.' Sometimes one needs a little chemical or herbal or liquid inspiration [to feel that.]"

Premonition 13 is the fruit of Wino's partnership with Jim 'Sparky' Karow, his longtime comrade in the metallic arts. The two have been jamming together for two decades, but what was once informal is now a real project with a name, an album, and other players.

"Jim and I have known each other for about 20 years," Wino said. "His wife was basically the first manager of The Obsessed. We played guitars together one day and then had this really good conversation about magnetism. We realized we had a common love of Meso-American stuff and ancient cultures. So we've been jamming together for about 15 or 20 years. Just me and him, two guitars, no drums or anything like that." The results of that basic arrangement eventually lead the duo to recruit other players, and thus, Premonition 13 was born.

Premonition 13 differs from the other projects that litter Wino's resume in that it employs two guitarists, something he is not used to. However, Wino and Karow used an E-Bow in this project, which is a hand-held guitar effect that sustains notes with a battery-powered electromagnetic field.

While Wino is revered in doom circles, Premonition 13 explores slightly different territory. "I've also found that that there's a little bit of humor in this band. There are some tongue-in-cheek lyrical things; it's not quite as serious as some of the other stuff I've done. But at the same time, it is serious. We make some comments on conspiracy, the negative effects of control, and all the stuff one might protest against," Wino said.

Premonition 13's first release is a two-song 7", the pressing of which is limited 1,000 copies. It is also available in digital form. The two songs on the 7" will not be included on the band's upcoming full-length, which due out on June 21st, the summer solstice.

Watch the video for 'I Don't Care (live)'

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