Considering the tumultuous histories and chemical indulgences of your average doom metal band, it's amazing that so many of them are still alive and kicking decades after they first got together. Think Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Cathedral, Trouble and Paradise Lost, among others. Of all the key post-Sabbath figures in doom, one name in particular stands out for his influence and undying devotion to sludgy, minor chord riffs and mind-bending psychedelic solos, and that's Scott 'Wino' Weinrich.

Since 1977, Weinrich has pioneered the scene with a multitude of bands, including the Obsessed, Saint Vitus, Spirit Caravan, War Horse, the Hidden Hand and Shrinebuilder. One of his most inspiring on-again, off-again groups is undoubtedly Saint Vitus, which reformed last year to fry eardrums and crush skulls anew. If you haven't heard them and want to check 'em out, they've posted the free 14-song MP3 compilation 'Heavier Than Thou.'

'Heavier Than Thou' was originally released on SST Records in 1991 and contains tracks from the band's first four records, 1984's 'Saint Vitus,' 1985's 'Hallow's Victim,' 1986's 'Born Too Late' and 1988's 'Mournful Cries.'

This summer, Saint Vitus will demonstrate their transcendent might at six concerts. The mini-tour launches in Seattle on June 25 and runs through July 1 in Las Vegas.

Saint Vitus tour dates

6/25 -- El Corazon -- Seattle

6/26 -- Satyricon -- Portland, Ore.

6/27 -- DNA Lounge -- San Francisco

6/29 -- Viper Room -- West Hollywood, Calif.

6/30 -- The Casbah -- San Diego

7/1 -- Wasted Space at Hard Rock Hotel -- Las Vegas

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