Metalhead comedian Brian Posehn and Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian are working on an album together. Posehn told SiriusXM's Liquid Metal that they are doing a full album of "comedy metal" songs. He revealed one song title: "Satan Is Kind of a Dick." There were also be covers and he mentioned A-ha's '80s synth anthem "Take on Me" as deserving of a metal makeover. This album sounds like something we've gotta hear. [Metal Injection]

Century Media's lawsuit against 7,000 fans who downloaded Iced Earth and Lacuna Coil albums is a big headline this week. Iced Earth guru Jon Schaffer took to Facebook to address the suit and offer his thoughts on the matter. He confirms that the band had no idea that the label would take this legal action and that he does not support punishing the fans, even though they downloaded his record without paying for it.

"It has come to my attention that Century Media is suing fans over illegal downloads of (among others) our latest album Dystopia. I felt it was important to clarify that we had no knowledge of this motion and were, sadly, not asked permission.

We all know the music industry is changing. We have been adapting to this model by embracing legal streaming services such as Spotify and by bringing our music to places we have never played before by touring our proverbial asses off.

As much as we respect that the labels are having a harder time selling music, we feel this is a misguided effort and want to make sure our fans know we would have not given our consent would we have been asked."

Watch Iced Earth's 'Dystopia' Video

Journey will headline the 13th Annual Paul Reed Smith Guitars "One Night One Show One Cause Benefit," which takes place on Sunday, Oct. 14, at the Modell Performing Arts Center at The Lyric in Baltimore, Maryland. [Via Press Release]

1992 was a great year for music, in particularly for metal. Vulgar Display of Power. Countdown to Extinction. Angel Dust. Those all came out in 1992. See, it was a very, very, very good metal year. Stroll down memory lane by checking out this list of the best 1992 had to offer. It might make you feel old, but it'll also inspire you to drag some of these classics into your iPod. [Loudwire]

Mothlite, the creation of Daniel O'Sullivan (Ulver, Æthenor, Sunn O))), Guapo), released their sophomore album, Dark Age, via KScope. Want to try before you buy? Then grab the free download of the song "Zebras" here. [Via Press Release]

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