Scion and Metal Insider have teamed up for the No Label Needed Contest and Series, which will help one incredibly lucky band earn its way to prominence in the music industry in a unique way: without the assistance of a record label. While many bands make a go of it on their own, the Toyota-owned car manufacturer and the metal industry blog behind No Label Needed are thinking outside of the box and changing the way that independent music finds its listeners with this revolutionary contest.

The last band standing will receive advice from experienced industry professionals, a mentoring session with Shadows Fall, record an EP with producer Machine -- who's worked with everyone from Lamb of God to Suicide Silence to Every Time I Die -- and a customized tutorial on on how to succeed in a business that often eats its young via do-it-yourself marketing initiatives. Obviously, the winning band will get all the perks of being signed to a label, without signing its soul away on the record label contract's dotted line.

Beginning January 18 and running through Feb. 18, unsigned bands can submit demos for the contest. From there, 20 finalists will be chosen, and then a panel of label execs, A&R dudes, writers and site readers will select the lucky winner.

Additional perks of winning include shopping for stage clothing with In This Moment's Maria Brink and Ozzy Osbourne bassist Blasko, advice from Dillinger Escape Plan's Ben Weinman, a full Web site redesign, retooled merch and radio and press campaigns devised and delivered by professionals to help promote the EP!

The No Label Needed Contest isn't just a simple plan to help make someone's rock star dreams come true. It is an exercise in teaching musicians how to market themselves and their wares . It is also an educational tool for the site's readers, allowing them to interact with artists, music biz folks and others.