You can't illegally download a band t-shirt, so it makes sense that business-savvy bands would want to put more effort into marketing harder goods than physical CD copies. Royal Family Clothing gives bands an edge over many other merch design companies by printing high-quality, collectible t-shirts in limited editions. Many bands, such as Whitechapel and Versaemerge have enlisted Royal Family's services.

"Our plans for the summer include promoting the new Coheed & Cambria shirt we just launched," co-owner Cliff Wiener told Noisecreep. "Plus, just before that came out we had just dropped new shirts from Our Last Night, Swimming With Dolphins and Attack Attack, so we want to continue to let people know about those as well."

Cliff and company are taking advantage of the summer tour and festival season. The recently sold their wares at Gen Art's Shop Miami event on June 18. "In terms of future projects for us, we are going to spend the summer working on our fall line which is entitled 'Here Come the Monsters.' All of the clothing will have some type of monster type theme. We are in the very early stages of designing it now. As far as band shirts, we are going to be hitting some shows and festivals looking for bands we like."

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