When Ronnie Montrose died last month, an official statement on the guitarist's website said he'd "battled cancer, and staved off old age for long enough." The implication was that the 64-year-old hard-rock legend had succumbed to prostate cancer, which he'd been fighting publicly for years, but according to Classic Rock Magazine, this might not be such a clear-cut case.

Authorities in Brisbane, California, have confirmed that Montrose's death "is still under investigation, pending the coroner's report" -- a document they're not making available. In instances when the cause of death is known or fairly apparent, the magazine explains, autopsy reports generally take a mere two to six hours to complete.

As Classic Rock points out, a closer look at the death announcement leaves some room for interpretation.

"True to form, he chose his own exit the way he chose his own life," read the web post.

Regardless of how he died, Montrose is remembered as the fiery guitarist who, among other things, launched the career of Sammy Hagar, who fronted his namesake band in the 1970s. After Montrose's passing, Hagar eulogized the fallen axman in a loving Rolling Stone interview, revealing that Montrose had planned to reunite and perform in Cabo, Mexico, later this year.

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