Any band will tell you how hard it is to make a name for themselves when getting started in the music industry. They may be killing it on the live stage, but there's always that "X factor" they seek to make record labels perk up.

Sometimes it just comes down to luck when getting signed, but it also helps to have a fan on the inside. And thanks to some notable musicians with pretty good taste in music, there have been several acts that went from hometown heroes to industry giants after being discovered by an established artist.

Below, see 10 musicians who discovered another huge artist that eventually struck it big, too. You may be surprised at the origin of some of your favorite rockers.

10 Musicians Who Discovered Another Huge Artist

It always helps to have a professional musician friend give you a hand as an artist. Here are 10 performers who discovered another act that eventually found success as well.

100 Inspirational Quotes From Rock Stars

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