The Otamatone is without a doubt probably one of the most hilarious musical instruments to ever have existed. It's a synthesizer with a tiny face and is shaped like an eighth note, with noises coming out of its mouth when you squeeze the head that help you control the pitch of the sound. It's an instrument with a whole lot of possibilities, and no one was more qualified to figure those out than YouTube virtuoso Rob Scallon.

Recently he released a video "Otamatone Metal," which features him playing the goofy toy like a total beast. While none of the sounds can ever truly be considered "cool" or "pleasant," Scallon does manage to show that there is a lot one can do with the different tones of the instrument.

He doesn't approach the song alone either, as halfway through The Haunted's Ola Englund joins Scallon, playing a jumbo version of the Otamatone. He plays the thing like a guitar, soloing its many tones, and then wrapping the thing in tape to exert some even weirder sounds. Scallon ends the video by drawing some eyebrows on the little guy, and pushing the song into a breakdown, showing the device's capabilities as both an instrument and singer.

Rob Scallon's videos come in some pretty hilarious and straight up weird varieties. In recent months he's played heavy metal in some inappropriate places, turned Slipknot's "Psychosocial" into a banjo cover, shredded through every Rage Against the Machine song in three minutes and converted Metallica's "For Whom the Bell Tolls" into some straight up bell work. Because why not?

Watch "Otamatone Metal" above, and see Scallon explain exactly what it is in another video below.

Rob Scallon Explains the Otamatone

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