Last week, YouTube sensation Rob Scallon wowed us as he put together a cohesive and very rocking song on the guitar using only one fret. But while there may have been some that were unimpressed because he didn't use all of the instrument available to him, he's remedied that with his latest guitar stunt. Scallon has vowed to use every fret and every string, stating that chords don't count, as he puts together another rocking track.

Watch the dexterity as Scallon nimbly noodles around the fret board making sure to hit every single possible note along the way ... and he manages to do this all within under a two-minute span. Scallon even has a notation at the top of his video where you can keep track of every single fret and string he plays along the way.

Scallon's instrumental stunts have made him a YouTube star. Along the way, he's created a track using guitar as Morse Code, delivered a banjo version of a Slayer classic, offered multiple unique Metallica covers and provided many more entertaining videos.

To keep up with Scallon and all that he's done, be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel and see what he comes up with next.