Although that late '70s New York City music scene is recognized more for its punk and new wave artists, that doesn't take anything away from Riot's importance on the heavy metal movement. Their trifecta of 'Rock City' (1977), 'Narita' (1979), and 'Fire Down Under' (1981), helped influence a legion of hard rock musicians throughout the '80s and beyond.

Lead by founding guitarist Mark Reale, Riot has continued to write and record their anthemic brand of metal throughout the next few decades, no matter what the trends of the day might be. Next month the group will release 'Immortal Soul,' their 14th studio album.

Noisecreep has teamed up with Riot to bring you the world premiere of 'Sins of the Father,' a scorching track off of 'Immortal Soul.'

Listen to 'Sins of the Father' From Riot

For 'Immortal Soul,' Riot has reunited the classic 'Thundersteel' (1988) and 'The Privilege of Power' (1990) lineup of vocalist Tony Moore, bassist Don Van Stavern, drummer Bobby Jarzombek and Reale, along with guitarist Mike Flyntz who played in the live band at that time.

'Immortal Soul' will be out on Nov. 22nd via SPV/Steamhammer.

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