The phenomenon that is Rammstein is a complete singularity in the metal world and one that must be witnessed live. The German industrial legends made their way back to "Amerika" after a few years absent, being greeted with explosive enthusiasm at New York’s Jones Beach Theater.

Before Rammstein invaded the outdoor amphitheater, one of the most promising new industrial acts, 3Teeth, performed as the sun disappeared. 3Teeth received a fairly warm reception from the Long Island, N.Y., crowd, cranking out a seven-song set of tracks from their 2014 self-titled debut and 2017 sophomore full-length, .

As darkness fell upon the beachside theater, Rammstein’s countdown curtain finally dropped, sending the crowd into a frenzy. Guitarists Richard Kruspe and Paul Landers were lowered from the rafters in spectacular fashion before vocalist Till Lindemann tap-danced his way onto the stage with a white coat and top hat.

Fan favorites dominated Rammstein’s set, with the crowd’s reaction getting louder and louder as each song began. Rammstein brought out the iconic flamethrower masks during “Feuer frei!” shortly before Lindemann ascended to the ceiling for “Ich du dir weh” and poured exploding sparks on keyboardist Christian Lorenz. Thankfully, Lorenz survived the assault and reappeared in a disco ball suit, returning to his synths to kick off “Du riechst so gut.”

The crowd popped louder and louder as “Mein Herz brennt,” “Links 2-3-4” and “Ich will” were unveiled in succession. Rammstein’s signature cut, “Du hast,” gave the 15,000 in attendance their most intense sing-along moments and perhaps Rammstein’s most jaw-dropping pyro stunt with Lindemann’s boomerang bazooka.

For Rammstein’s encore, they busted out their most ridiculous flamethrowers, blasting from both ends of the stage to meet right in the middle. The precision of Rammstein’s production is truly awe-inspiring, especially since one mistake could mean a fiery death for any given musician. You can feel the heat even at the very back of any amphitheater, so what Rammstein experience onstage must be distressing at the very least.

With the closing song, “Engel,” Lindemann’s giant, flaming angel wings lifted the singer above the stage, closing Rammstein’s gig with yet another unforgettable spectacle. Rammstein have absolutely mastered controlling the chaos of a live show. The German legends’ spectacle is obscene in its ridiculousness while drawing fans in for an experience that simply can not be matched by any other act.

Check out our exclusive photos from Rammstein’s Jones Beach gig in the gallery above! For Rammstein’s remaining 2017 tour dates, click here.

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