Las Vegas based band Otherwise have released their new lyric video for their rock track 'Die for You,' the third single released off their debut album 'True Love Never Dies.' The video, which premiered exclusively on Revolver, features the clever lyric 'You make me feel so alive / So alive I'd die for you." It's a nice line, but does the song tell an intriguing enough story?

Most of the video features the image of a beating heart as frontman Adrian Patrick sings that he would lie and steal for the object of his affections, and he even encourages the unnamed companion to just take his heart and just rip out. "I would break / I would burn / I would suffer," adds Patrick who would literally die if he undertook all the deadly promises he makes on the song.

Releasing videos for their songs 'Soldiers' and 'I Don't Apologize' has garnered them over 2.4 million views on YouTube, and since 'Die for You' is as catchy as the day is long, expect the group to gain an even larger following.

Even though they spent all of last month touring with Sevendust and Devour the Day, there is no rest for a new band that's trying to build a solid fan base. The group's three week tour with Three Days Grace starts this evening in Ft. Wayne, Ind., Otherwise will also spend several dates in September touring with rock stalwarts P.O.D. That month will also see them performing at Monster Energy Aftershock and the Taste of Madison festivals.

Released in May 2012, 'True Love Never Dies' has sold over 42,000 units, as Otherwise became the best selling new rock band of last year.