Incubus drummer Jose Pasillas II and former member Dirk Lance have collaborated with ex-Pharcyde rapper Slimkid3 and Jurassic 5's DJ Nu-Mark for a new song that's inspired by the upcoming video game 'Rayman Legends.' Platform game enthusiasts are well aware of Rayman's running and jumping skills, but our hero must have an extra pep to his step with this recent team up.

A teaser for the track featuring the talented crew jamming, record scratching and rapping their hearts away was just released online, and this four person mash up honors Rayman Legends' specific game play. Up to four players can participate in Rayman's latest adventure, which comes out on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on Sept. 3. As far as naysayers regarding the validity of Nintendo's Wii U -- up to five gamers can play Rayman Legends on that console!

Incubus recently received the Environmentalists of the Year Award by the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association. The group created their philanthropic Make Yourself Foundation over a decade ago and recently teamed up with the Urgency Network to coordinate more charitable endeavors aimed at improving the world we live in.

The group's lifelong dedication to environmentalism stems from an upbringing where surfing the waves is a commonplace activity, as their Calabasas, Calif. hometown is just minutes away from the ocean. As for co-founding member Lance, he left the group in 2003 and is now the bassist for the group Willie's Nerve Clinic.

Fans of Rayman Legends can currently download a demo version of the game on Xbox Live online and on the PlayStation Network.

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