Micah Kinard doesn't dread his day job when he's off the road with his band, Christian metalcore act Oh, Sleeper. Back home in Texas, the singer owns Violent Lighting, which is a production company that designs custom lighting for bands and venues.

"They call and say, 'We want this to happen, but this is all the money we have.' And we can always make something work," says Kinard. "There's something for any budget."

He continues, "We did this thing for this band called the Chariot where it was their logo -- this weird skull that they have -- six foot tall with lights all the way down it, and all this crazy stuff. Basically, it's a way that someone can get anything they want, if they have a crazy idea."

Violent Lighting has also made lights for English metalcore act Bring Me the Horizon featuring the band's initials in six-feet tall letters, as well as designs for Texas-based electronic pop act the Secret Handshake -- and, of course, Oh, Sleeper, among others.

"The idea with the company is just to be a middle ground between cookie-cutter lighting that you can buy at Guitar Center or somewhere like that, and custom production where there's this $10,000 gap that you have to hop to go into full production.

"The idea with this is we can build a completely custom live set up for a fraction of the cost of what else is being built. It really ends up being the same price as if you went and bought all your stuff from Guitar Center, except that you can be unique and have exactly what you want and go bigger and better."

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