"It's been a blast, the time of our lives," says Charm City Devils lead singer John Allen of his experience on Crüe Fest 2.

CrüeFest 2 just wrapped up. While Mötley Crüe have announced plans to take next summer off, Charm City Devils says touring is in their near future for quite some time ... and the accommodations are not exactly plush.

"We do not have a tour bus," Allen admits to Noisecreep. "We're roughing it and suffering for our art! All of us guys in the band are trying to pay bills at home. We're trying to keep our houses and stuff and keep food on the table. In order for us to do a bus, we'd have to really make zero dollars. We love playing music, but now it's bigger than that. We have responsibilities at home. We have houses and kids we have to feed."

Allen and the rest of the Charm City Devils hope that constant touring behind their debut, 'Lets Rock 'n' Roll,' will sustain interest in the band for the next couple of years. In the meantime, the boys will spend their downtime on the road bonding. Allen hopes the close quarters off stage will help the band become tighter on stage.

"I've actually had more fun in van tours than I have in buses. This band is so new ... I think we needed to do this. It's a bonding thing and we're becoming a band now. To have this experience ... it's funny. Somebody commented we eat our meals together in catering, people are surprised by that. It's like we're becoming a band. We're in that van all day long and all night long, and then we're sitting at the tables, eating with each other. We actually are really good friends."

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