While there's plenty of anticipation for Nine Inch Nails' 'Tension' tour this fall, the band has already made a triumphant return to the stage playing a number of major festivals around the world. Now fans can get an inside look at their live return with a new documentary series titled 'Tour Exposed.'

The first part of the documentary features not only Trent Reznor and his fellow bandmates but several key players in their touring like the band's production manager Chris Fussell, Reznor's longtime art director Rob Sheridan (who is also part of Reznor's other band How to Destroy Angels) and choreographer Jon Morris among others.

For those who ever wondered what goes into pulling off a major stage production, much like what Nine Inch Nails provide, this documentary series will give you the nuts and bolts.

Reznor states in the video, "My goal, if we're playing a 70- or 90-minute set, is that it's almost a film where it starts off one way and, not only musically but visually, evolves into something that keeps your attention, frames the music in a way that makes it feel like a journey from one place to another … It's cool to give people an experience."

This 13-minute plus portion of the documentary goes in depth about the lead-up to the Fuji Rock Festival in Tokyo, where they made their live return earlier this summer. There were plenty of nervous jitters about everything coming together live, but all went according to plan. More installments of the video series are expected to roll out in the coming weeks.