Apparently people still try to voluntarily hear Nickelback. Gawker reports that Kevin Beaudette of Tupper Lake, New York fell approximately 40 feet down into the Geyser Brooks Gorge while attempting to sneak into the Saratoga Performing Arts Center on July 24 where Nickelback were performing.

The 22-year-old was fine after the fall, though probably embarrassed about how many people now know that he likes Nickelback. Luckily, Beaudette appears to have landed Silver Side Up.

"Last evening an individual who appeared to be intoxicated, and who was outside the venue, apparently lost his footing and slipped down the embankment that runs along SPAC's Route 50 parking lot," the president of the center, Marcia White, said in a statement.

After the local fire department came and helped Beaudette out of the ditch, he was taken to Albany Medical Center Hospital to have minor cuts and bruises treated. He was released the same night, but not in time to catch the rest of the Nickelback show, which included a t-shirt gun and free alcohol. Only the best for Nickelback fans, right?