A Summer Slaughter concert featuring Cannibal Corpse and Job for a Cowboy was evacuated last night after police in Ybor City, Fla., received a call about violent threats made against the audience, Blabbermouth.net reports.

The drama began while Job for a Cowboy were onstage, drummer Jon "Charn" Rice told the metal site. Responding to chatter about an impending attack, police escorted some 1,000 fans out of the Ritz Theatre.

"Just to clarify the events that happened this evening, a note was passed to the bartender stating that during our set a man with two knives and a gun was going to hurt people," Rice said. "Cops were called and after the proper precautions were taken, the show set off again, albeit a bit behind."

The Tampa Bay Times reports that more than a dozen officers responded to the perceived threat, and that a private security company, Sentry Security, swept the scene and patted down fans as they reentered the venue.

Authorities found no weapons, and the concert resumed nearly two hours later.

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