Drop Dead, Gorgeous - 'The Hot N' Heavy' - Suretone
Following up their 2007 release 'Worse Than A Fairy Tale,' Denver, Colorado's Drop Dead Gorgeous hits hard in their newest release doubling with intensity in each lyric and melody. Produced by musical savant Matt Goldman (The Chariot, Underoath).
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Iwrestledabearonce - 'It's All Happening' - Century Media
Creating waves on the online metal circuit since early 2008 the Shreveport, Louisiana quintet release their debut album from Century Media Records this week. Calibrating elements of grindcore, jazz, experimental, and death metal (vocals from a little lady of course) to a tee.
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Dirtfedd - 'The American Nightmare' - Sopra Evil/Koch
Taken under the wing of Slipknot's Shawn "Clown" Crahan, Lincoln, Nebraska's grounds and pounds all that stand in their path with their debut release 'The American Nightmare' this week. Containing catchy anthems within the tracklisting (start with "Salute") this album seethes with anger and parallels with the classic hard rock melody all in one.
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Eyes Set To Kill - 'The World Outside' - BreakSilence
Woman are claiming the spotlight in this week's releases as Arizona's Eyes Set To Kill put out their second studio album on BreakSilence. It's not everyday you see sisters shredding on the bass and guitar and taking a heavier route.
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Rancid - 'Let The Dominoes Fall' - Epitaph
Straying from the metal path and strolling down punk lane this week I'll be the first to say Tim Armstrong is metal as f--k in my book, so Rancid is no exception here at Noisecreep. With their seventh studio album under their belt, longtime producer Brett Gurewitz reunites with the band once again since the release of 'Let's Go'.
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