Bloodhorse - 'Horizoner' - Translation Loss
A highlight on this week's new releases, the Boston and Brooklyn based Bloodhorse charge the way this week with 'Horizoner' from Translation Loss Records. Upon listening I got elements of old school hardcore fused with an upbeat doom sound to it.
Download 'Horizoner'

Bury Your Dead - 'It's Nothing Personal' - Victory
In true Victory fashion, the boys in Bury Your Dead have managed to prevail with their fifth studio release this week. The quintet have mastered the craft of fusing elements of hardcore and brutal melodies into each track.
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Marilyn Manson - 'The High End of Low' - Interscope
He's as explicit as they come, but let's be real -- the man can pull off a bondage corset better than even some ladies. With no need for further introduction, the essence that is Marilyn Manson reflects in each track, and audiences will not be disappointed.
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Minsk - 'With Echoes In the Movement of Stone' - Relapse
Taking a darker turn in this week's releases (in a good way) the Illinois experimental band Minsk will take the stage this week with their latest from Relapse Records. Hydrahead and Southern Lord Records' fans, Minsk is a band that is right up your alley bringing the perfect harmony to experimental and psychedelic metal.
Download 'With Echoes In the Movement of Stone'

Neaera - 'Omnicide - (Creation Unleashed)' - Metal Blade
As consistent as their double pedal bass drums and heavy, death metal vocals, nothing is as consistent and precise as the latest from Germany's Neaera this week. My only criticism to this album is that there's no set time as to when I'll see this album performed live and for that -- BOO! Be sure to pick up the album this week and give them the support they need to get them into the states ASAP.
Download 'Omnicide - (Creation Unleashed)'

Fear not, metal legions; these aren't the only albums out this week. Be sure to also check out some amazing metal releases coming to you today:

Graves Of Valor - 'Salarian Gate' - Relapse
Hand To Hand - 'Design The End / Follow The Horizon' - Lifeforce
In The Midst Of Lions
- 'Out Of Darkness' - Strike First/Facedown
Khanate - 'Clean Hands Go Foul' - Hydra Head
- 'Nothingface' - Sick6

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