"I had stress coming out my ears!" Lynch Mob vocalist Oni Logan tells Noisecreep of the band's recent recording sessions. "In one way, it was very unnerving that I knew I had to go in and cut the album. I mean, I'd be writing lyrics the night before, and then cutting for real in the studio! I would spend a lot of time on it and rewrite the lyrics. I had the night shift because [guitarist George Lynch] had the day shift as he was cutting leads, and I would cut the vocals for the first time without [practice]."

Lynch Mob released 'Smoke and Mirrors' earlier this year. And while the band has been around since the tail end of the 1980s, this is only Logan's second album with the group. He recorded the 1990 debut 'Wicked Sensation' and was gone soon after the band's first tour. Now, Logan is back with his old friend, guitar superhero George Lynch. Together, they aim to create some of the same chemistry obvious on 'Wicked Sensation.' Of course, the music industry isn't like it was in 1990, which meant Logan had to adapt -- and quick.

"Some of the songs I sang for the first time in the studio, without trying at rehearsal," admits Logan. "With the record business being how it is these days and the budgets not being there, we have to be cost-efficient. So we just kind of laid it out old style. Just go in, cut some grooves and hopefully you get some good ones."

'Smoke and Mirrors' features 13 songs, and of those, about seven were written in advance during some select live dates. While the entire band was together, the members would jam, eventually creating the new songs. The remainder of the album was written on the spot, in the studio. The band tapped Bob Kulick to co-produce.

"The reaction I was getting from the engineer and Bob Kulick -- who was there with us throughout the album -- they were giving me the thumbs up on every track I laid down. It was comforting to know I was on the right path. But it was stressful!"