Next month our friends at Mediaskare Records will be issuing 'Rumors and Reputations,' the debut album from metalcore party rockers Mureau.

The Thousand Oaks, Calif. group features vocalist Taylor Voeltz who is also known for his production work for bands like As Blood Runs Black, Suffokate, and Betrayal. In another slice of hard rock trivia, Mureau's drummer Ian Corabi is the son of John Corabi, a powerhouse vocalist who has fronted Mötley Crüe, Union and The Scream and also played guitar as a member of Ratt and Brides of Destruction.

With Mureau's album release around the corner, Noisecreep has joined forces with the band to bring you the world premiere of the video for their track 'California.'

Watch 'California' From Mureau

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"The song was written about my two very close friends, Danielle and Savannah Houston," Mureau frontman Taylor Voeltz tells Noisecreep. "These girls became like my little sisters, we would do everything together and would talk multiple times every day. We were basically attached at the hip. One day they decided they wanted a change of scene and called me very excitedly to tell me they were moving to Arizona. I did not share their excitement. Actually, I was devastated.

"I remember the first thing that came to my head when they were telling me all their plans was "spare me all the details," which is the first line of the song. I could not imagine what they wanted to move to Arizona for. California is my personal paradise and Arizona is hot most of the year! To make a long story short the song was written from the standpoint of me trying to understand why they would want to move from our perfect little bedroom community to some random town in Arizona. I was convinced they were going to hate it, and i was more or less trying to talk them out of it. By the way, they moved back this year and everything is back to normal. I win," laughs Voeltz.

Mureau guitarist Lanny Perelman gave Noisecreep some insight on the making of the 'California' video:

"We wanted to make a video that basically captured the vibe and purpose of Mureau and the song. We love to party, have fun and most importantly, play heavy music. We were fortunate enough to work with Scott Hansen at an amazing location with an amazing group of friends and hot models! I think we achieved what we set out to do with the video and the song."

Mureau's 'Rumors and Reputations' will hit stores on Nov. 8th via Mediaskare Records.

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