This year Municipal Waste will be headlining the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival's second stage. The stage and space is a small fraction of the main stage, where they played last year. "We're gonna play forever. I think. Not really," frontman Tony Foresta told Noisecreep. To the Virginian, an hour is like forever. So far, his favorite year of the annual festival in Worcester, Mass. was last year.

"Last year was the s---! They had the Grateful Dead thing going on. We walked around the parking lot and watched people get so wasted," he said. Municipal Waste was also the only band to directly poke fun at the hippies. They walked on stage with cardboard signs and tie dye shirts.

"Anyone seen my dog man?" Foresta quoted himself, as he remembered their parody of the arena sized concert. "For that, we were on that Lamb of God tour and we were playing these huge venues. And [The Palladium] was really small compared to what we were playing on that tour. It was more of a hardcore festival, too. So it was kinda different for us, because we were playing so many big rooms, and then it was like, 'Oh now were playing a hardcore festival.'"

Last year's weekend festival was also a great time for the band to hang out with old friends. Foresta had a hard time remembering most of the bands he saw, because the festival took place in the middle the Lamb of God tour -- which was biggest tour the band has done to date.

"I saw this one band with choreographed head moves and stage moves. I thought that was the lamest s--- ever. And there was more than one band doing that," Foresta said.

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